My Story

After living in South Natomas on and off a total of six years or so, my family moved from South Natomas to North Natomas in 2003, which was very exciting for lots of reasons. It was a time of beginnings, hope and genuine happiness for the culmination of many efforts in my life converging on one moment in time.

Let me back up a little bit… I was born in Ashland, Oregon, in 1975. My family moved to Salem for my Dad’s work, and later to Roseville, California, when I was 10 years old and my big brother was 14. He went to Oakmont High School and I went to Eich Jr. High.

I got involved in dance and theater and eventually found myself enrolled at far away Sacramento High School because of their Visual and Performing Arts Program (VAPAC). This marked my introduction to life in the City of Sacramento, via the communities of Oak Park and East Sacramento and a lot of great friends at Sac High.

During those 4 years of my life, my brother moved out, started a family, and started pursuing what has become a remarkably successful career. My parents moved from Roseville to Greenhaven and eventually got divorced. They each remarried, which was a lot to process as a teenager – luckily I was a typical teen focused on my own world, so all the movement in their lives seemed like an issue outside of me.

As a teenager, I failed to focus on my future – instead, I looked only at my “right now.”

_MG_8352aAfter high school, I took a class at American River Jr. College – because my best friend begged me to join her.

By the start of what would be my second year in junior college, I was pregnant. My boyfriend and I did not see eye to eye and eventually parted ways. I gave birth to my oldest son, Nate, when I was 20 years old.

He was, from that first moment, my little angel. He still is – though he isn’t very little anymore.

Having Nate set me out on the path of adulthood as a single Mom. Everything changed. I suddenly became aware that I would need to work harder, have a goal, be focused, and provide not only for myself, but for my son too…

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