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The difference between marine batteries and car batteries

Those new to the boating world, or even seasoned boaters, may wonder at times why they should spend the extra effort and extra bucks on a marine battery instead of using a good old car battery. Although car batteries are not necessarily designed for the task, what’s the real harm?

A car battery could potentially do many discharge cycles before the power dies, shelling out only $40 to boot! Before giving in to the inexpensive temptation of a car battery, however, it’s crucial to understand the function and capabilities that marine batteries have over any other car battery for your boating experience.

So, what are some of the main differences?

AGM Marine batteries are designed with sturdier and more elevated plates for electricity. The reasoning for this is so that the battery doesn’t short circuit while bouncing around with the boat during rough waters, which is, of course, much different from being in a car on the road. These batteries are also bonded with the specific processes so that things are sure to hang on tight. If one is to use a car battery for this purpose, it would be sure to die out much quicker. The car battery is simply not made for this type of venture.

The difference in the plates also has to do with the power and existing output. When you power on your car, the batteries continue to release forceful currents in short bursts. Marine batteries, on the other hand, release smaller currents for comparatively long periods of time. That being said, this is a necessity for the boat to keep all of the gauges, pumps, lights, and more running smoothly and steadily.

The safety of your boat is paramount

All of the functions needed for a sufficient marine vehicle reflect fairly in the price point of the marine battery. While a car battery is built for a quick and strong startup, a marine battery is intended to withstand the vibrations and bobbing around that come with being in a vehicle on the water. Using the correct battery in your boat not only ensures the proper performance of the diverse set of tasks, but the quality and precision in your marine battery also ensure that you have a safe and long-lasting boating experience, no matter which season you’re in.

Check out some of the marine batteries available on our website and be confident in the upcoming spring break lake season.

The best way to get solar panels for your home or RV is to talk to experts who can suggest systems where all of the components work well together.

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