In the weeks to come we will continue to add more Sacramento friends, reading great stories for kiddos. 


This library was inspired by all the teachers and parents at home doing such amazing work to continue educating Sacramento’s littlest ones. We know playgrounds are closed and birthdays are difficult. There seem to be endless lists of things that kids can not do. 


But there is still so much love in our city, and so many people that want to help teachers and parents. This is our way of coming to your home, through a screen, to tell you we are right here with you, cheering you on and standing in awe of your amazing work.

Keep it up Moms, Dads, siblings, teachers and caretakers. You are making a big difference. 

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Stefanie Cruz


Tsev Neeg Uas Kuv Hlub - The Family That I Love by See Lor

Narrated By: ​

Mai Vang

School Board Trustee, Sacramento City Unified School District

What Do You Do With A Problem?

Narrated By: ​

Aimee Wells

Front Street Animal Shelter Foster Volunteer


We're All Wonders

Narrated By: ​

Akshaj & Atiksh Mehta

Author and Np3 Student


Tiji and Cheenu

Narrated By: ​

Sumiti Mehta

Youth, Parks and Community Enrichment Commissioner (D1)


The Cat in the Hat: Ice Is Nice

Narrated By: ​

Gary S. May

Chancellor, University of California at Davis


She's Got This

Narrated By: ​

Jaclyn  Moreno

Consumnes CSD Board Director


The Word Collector

Narrated By: ​

John Eick

Westlake Charter School


The Sneetches

Narrated By:

Jennifer Donlon Wyant

City of Sacramento


Giant Steps to Change the World

Narrated By: ​

Tiffani S. Sharp

Attorney at Law


What Pet Should I Get?Narrated By: ​

Anne Marie Schubert
District Attorney
City of Sacramento


Delta & Dawn: Mother and Baby Whales' Journey

Narrated By: ​

Stefanie CruzMedia Consultant/Author


The Three Little Pigs

Narrated By: ​

Gina M. Bell 

Woodland Police Department


Harry the Dirty Dog

Narrated By: ​

Marcos Breton

Sacramento Bee


We're Going on A Bear Hunt

Narrated By: ​

Holly Cook

Cook Speech and

Language, Inc. 


Danny and the Dinosaur

Narrated By: ​

Richard Pan

State Senator


Harvesting Hope

Narrated By: ​

Maribela Cruz &

Mateo Ramirez

Natomas Students



Narrated By: ​

Nona Poydras

NUSD Student & Artist


Star Wars: We Are The Resistance

Narrated By: ​

Karina Talamantes

Sacramento County Board of Education Trustee


Select Poems from

Shel Silverstein

Narrated By: ​

Bobbin Mulvaney

Owner, Mulvaney's B&L


Diez Pequeñas Mariquitas

Narrated By: ​

Monica Nainsztein

SpanishOne Plus


Estaba la pájara pinta

Narrated By: ​

Monica Nainsztein

SpanishOne Plus


¡A comer!

Narrated By: ​

Monica Nainsztein

SpanishOne Plus


Pete the Cat and

his Magic Sunglasses

Narrated By: ​

Robert Nelsen

Sacramento State, President


Come Out and Play, Little Mouse

Narrated By: ​

Dr. Susan Heredia

Natomas Unified School District, Trustee