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"The work I do – as a consultant and as a citywide leader – is centered around doing all that I can to help improve the lives of as many people as possible"


Angelique was born in Ashland, Oregon. Her family moved to Sacramento when she was 10 years old. She graduated from Sacramento High -- at that time, a public school known for its Visual and Performing Arts Program (VAPAC), which was the reason Angelique attended. 


In early adulthood Angelique turned difficult times into an inspirational story about the power of perseverance. After becoming a single Mom at 20 years old she worked full time and attended the University of California at Davis. Mom and son lived in low income housing, relied on subsidized childcare and benefited from programs like Cal Fresh (formerly known as food stamps). 


Angelique graduated from UC Davis, earning a Bachelor's degree in Sociology, with an emphasis on Law & Society and a minor in English. But, that wasn't the end of her educational pursuits. After graduation, she enrolled in the University of Pacific's McGeorge School of Law. It was during these four years that she became a true expert at balancing priorities, making difficult decisions, and finding success in all of that hard work. ​

She was a full time working single Mom, raising her son Nate, and going to law school at night. She often had to choose between impossibly important priorities: no babysitter, a contracts exam, a 5 year old's championship game, piling laundry, and more. It was a balancing act that must have felt impossible at times. But, it's experiences and challenges like this that taught her a lot about herself and what she was capable of achieving, not only for herself and her son, but for her community, and ultimately, for her city. 

While in school Angelique worked with foster youth, worked at a labor law firm, and in the office of the public defender here in Sacramento County. She even found time to volunteer off campus for many different programs, including coaching her son’s soccer team. 


While finishing up law school Angelique met and married her husband - Zac, who had just graduated from the University of Oregon having earned his bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience. A degree he would later use to also earn his RN and become an Emergency Room Nurse, and Clinical Manager. Now as a family of three, Angelique, Zac and Nate bought a humble home in Natomas. In that same year, Angelique graduated from McGeorge School of Law, earning her Juris Doctorate. A year later the three became four when they joyfully added to their family a sweet baby boy named Tyus.

Eventually they saw their little neighborhood begin to bloom as the community began to engage by forming a neighborhood association. Angelique attended several early meetings and soon became the groups founding President. 

During this same time Angelique’s Dad retired from a distinguished career working in child welfare, foster care, and adoptions. She had the amazing opportunity to work with her Dad on meaningful programs that improved the lives of many people facing significant barriers to success for a variety of reasons. The two Ashby’s, Father and daughter started the Ashby Consulting Group, llc and together, they built best practice model programs that serve populations like parolees, foster youth, incarcerated women and transition age youth. The work is incredibly rewarding and has allowed her to use her skills as an organizer as well as her legal training and educational foundation rooted in law and society to create opportunities for people who needed a chance to succeed. It also meant she got to spend her days alongside her Dad. A gift she now holds close to her heart. Patric Ashby passed away late in 2020. 

In 2010 Angelique was elected to office as the Councilwoman for District One. She ran a historic campaign, beating two male challengers in a primary election earning over 50% of the total vote count, both men were twice her age - and included a three term incumbent. A feat that he not been achieved in Sacramento during her lifetime. She was reelected in 2014 and again in 2018 - both were overwhelming victories.


During her time in office she has made history a few times. Her favorite notable first happened in 2013 when the family of four became a family of five. Angelique was the first Councilmember to give birth while in elected office in Sacramento. Most people know her daughter as “Peanut”, a nickname given to her by her big brothers before she was even born. Little Alia made her debut on Mother’s Day weekend just three days after, a then very pregnant Vice Mayor Ashby stepped in for the Mayor to lead a full Sacramento City Council meeting. 

Angelique got involved in her community to help make a difference, not only for her family but for all of her neighbors and their families too. She ran for City Council because she wanted the opportunity to serve Sacramento. The majority of her career on the council she has been the sole female representing her city. That tenacity she mastered in order to get through college and law school as a single Mom has helped her navigate the often choppy political waters of City Hall. Her legal training, her faith, the mentorship of her Father, the skills learned as a business owner and the values of a Mom with three children make her who she is - a woman determined to help as many people as she possibly can. 



"My belief is that a leader is a person who listens to the people they represent and meets their needs through hard work, collaboration, consensus building, positive partnerships, and an understanding that compromise is inevitable."

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