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Councilwoman Ashby is a graduate of Sacramento High School and obtained her B.A in Sociology with an emphasis on Law and Society from the University of California at Davis and her Juris Doctorate from the University of the Pacific’s McGeorge School of Law. 


She owns a consulting firm she started with her father, the focus of which is to build programs for populations with barriers to success. She and her husband live in Natomas with their two young children. They have an adult son who also lives and works in Sacramento. 


Councilwoman Ashby established herself as a citywide leader and has served the community as an advocate for youth, economic development, public safety, establishing  infrastructure, championing citywide diversity and equity, and supporting programs for women and children - particularly those experiencing homelessness.

Councilwoman Ashby’s colleagues have selected her to serve as either Vice Mayor or Mayor Pro Tem of the City an unprecedented seven years. Councilwoman Ashby is also the longest standing member of the Council and has served over half of her time in office as the only female representing the City of Sacramento. During that time she also took her spot in Sacramento’s history books by becoming the first to give birth while elected to office. 

Angelique Ashby

Councilmember District 1

Mayor Pro Tem City of Sacramento


Phone: (916) 808-7001


Karina is a UC Davis graduate with over a decade of experience in work force development, education, government, policy, research and administration. She is also an elected representative, currently serving as a Sacramento County Office of Education, Trustee.

Karina is bilingual and uses her skills to help the city with diversity and inclusion by doing outreach into Latino communities. She lives in the Regency Park neighborhood of District One and is a frequent visitor to our area dog parks with her sweet side kick, Ash - a yellow lab.

In addition to her work locally, Karina spent a summer in Washington DC, during the Obama administration, working on Presidential education reforms to address the achievement gap in our youth's academic experiences across the United States of America.

Karina Talamantes

Chief of Staff


Phone: (916) 808-7339

Karina -Levee at sunset - 3842.jpg

Deb moved from the East Bay Area to Natomas in December of 2000. Deb is a graduate of Chico State, where she also met her husband. They have two sons. Her boys graduated from NP3 High School in 2017.  Deb spends her free time continuing to volunteer at NP3, while also serving as an NP3 Board Member. Deb has been Councilwoman Ashby’s Executive Assistant for over a decade. She is the person who keeps our entire team on track.  Please e-mail Deb if you have a sponsorship request or if you would like to request a meeting with Councilwoman Ashby. If you would like to request Councilwoman Ashby’s attendance or participation at an event, please use our Event Scheduling Request form.

Deb Wurgler

Executive Assistant


​Phone: (916) 808-5848

Deb - Levee at sunset - 3851e.jpg

Miesha Ross is a long-time Sacramento Resident currently living in Natomas. 

She has more than a decade of experience in customer service, government and administrative work. She is an expert at helping people navigate difficult issues, particularly those that require assistance from the City of Sacramento. 


Miesha has a love for her city and a passion for helping people. She spends her time in the community solving problems and meeting new people. In her spare time she enjoys advancing her academic achievements by taking classes at American River College. 

Miesha Ross

District Director


Phone: (916) 808-7167

Miesah Ross.jpg

Andre Favila is a California State University of Sacramento graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology. He is married and has three children, including twin boys. Andre and his wife Katie have both worked in education and programs for youth for more than two decades. He came to our office with over five years of experience working with youth specifically in Natomas and over a decade of experience creating opportunities for youth to engage in and improve their community throughout the Sacramento region. 

Andre was born to work with young people. He’s incredibly gifted at creating safe environments for teens to thrive and connect through civic engagement. He has grown our Youth Action Corp program to include participation from over 1000 students annually. 


Our parks and youth programs run year round. You can find more information for each below:




If you are interested in adopting your local park, setting up a park clean up day, or encouraging a youth to get involved - send Andre an email. 

Andre - NNRP - 3733e.jpg

Andre Favila

Parks & Youth Liaison


Phone: (916) 808-7001

Deanna came to the District One office with over five years of event planning experience. She has worked for many years in the North Natomas area building relationships with local businesses and community residents in an effort to create fun and exciting events for all demographics.


In her role as Special Events Coordinator, she developed the much loved Natomas Farmer’s Market, Yoga in the Park, Easter Egg Helicopter Drop, First Friday’s (our summer concert and food truck series) and she has enhanced our Summer of Fun events such as movie night, camps, fairs and many more events for the District One community. 


Deanna is a logistics expert. She is a gifted organizer and an advocate for both the LGBTQ community and our area youth. Deanna was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico and moved to the Sacramento area with her family in 1989. She is a graduate of LSU Shreveport. She and her husband Matt live in Rio Linda with their sweet doggies. Matt is a Plumber and is the owner of Pacific Pipes, a very popular business with area homeowners. In their free time they enjoy boating on our area rivers and visiting Lake Tahoe. 

Deanna Read

Special Events Coordinator


Phone: (916) 808-7001

Deanna - Levee at sunset - 3846.jpg

Brieana was born and raised in Natomas. She is a graduate of Inderkum High School where she was involved with color guard and was a student ambassador for our youth programs.  She has been a volunteer in Councilmember Ashby's youth programs since she was 14 years old. She was selected to become an intern with the team, collaborating on programs with the parks department. She worked her way up into a full time position as our Youth Workforce Development Coordinator by showing extraordinary skill in working with youth, coordinating events and doing outreach to socioeconomically diverse portions of the community. 


Brie earned her B.A. in Liberal Studies at Sacramento State University. She currently lives in Natomas with her long time boyfriend. In her free time she enjoys music, dancing, taking care of animals and spending time with friends and family. 

Brieana Kline

Youth Workforce Development Coordinator


Phone: (916) 808 -7001

Brie - NNRP - 3686.jpg

Danielle came to the District 1 team with more than 5 years of City of Sacramento experience. She is a Sacramento State Graduate with a B.A. in Philosophy of Ethics, Politics, and Law. She is also earning her PhD in the prestigious program at the UC Davis Philosophy Department with a concentration in Philosophy of Computation and Cognitive Science.  


Danielle is gifted in so many areas. She is extraordinarily talented in graphics, design, events, organization and content development. Danielle is an advocate for the arts community, particularly the local music scene. She and her husband live in Davis. Obviously Danielle does not have free time but if she did she’d probably just use it to help more people do more things anyway. 

Danielle Williams

Communications Coordinator

Phone: (916) 808-7001

Sumiti is a very involved community leader. She was born and raised in New Delhi, India where she studied at the University of Delhi. Sumiti and her husband have lived in Sacramento for many years. They are an active family, participating in schools, parks, youth programs and several non-profit organizations. She is a published guest writer for Sacramento Parent Magazine and has made appearances on News 10 in their segment “Moms Explain it All”. She has served on several Natomas Unified School District committees and has been a reader/mentor with the Sacramento Reading Partners organization that pairs caring adults with students in underserved areas of the city who need help catching up with their literacy goals.


Sumiti, her husband and their two sons are huge supporters of the Sacramento Public Library and use their free time to read, write and volunteer at schools throughout Natomas. 

Sumiti Mehta

Youth, Parks and Community Enrichment Commissioner, District 1


Phone: (916) 808-7001

SUMITI (2).jpg

In March 2016, the Sacramento City Planning & Design Commission welcomed Commissioner, Lynn Lenzi.

Lynn has lived in North Natomas with her husband Robert since 2002. She is a dedicated community member and volunteers her  considerable time and talents as our Planning & Design Commissioner. With a background in government relations, she found herself gravitating towards volunteer work that involves neighborhood development and community events. She has played an active role in her homeowner’s association, serving several terms as President, and has previously volunteered for the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life, the N Factor awards, the Natomas Community Association, North Natomas Community Alliance and Celebrate Natomas.


Lynn and Robert live in the Westlake community. Robert is a talented guitar player and enjoys teaching young people to share his love for the instrument (especially if it involves the Beatles). They spend as much time as possible with kids and grandkids and they are big supporters of the arts throughout Sacramento.


We appreciate Lynn’s incredible dedication to our community and enjoy having her on the District One team!

Lynn Lenzi

Planning Commissioner, District 1

Phone: (916) 808-7001

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