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PLAY is designed for youth ages Jr. High to 25yrs.

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Councilmember Ashby is always looking for ways to engage our youth.  In 2012, we started a successful program called Parks Leadership Academy for Youth, also known as PLAY.  PLAY enlists middle school to college-aged volunteers to learn, apply and teach park maintenance techniques to other volunteers in their local parks.  Hundreds of kids participate yearly.

PLAY has made a huge impact on how our community views and treats our parks. According to Bill Hall, Parks Superintendent, there has been less graffiti, littering, and vandalism since PLAY has started.  Other youth in our community recognize that their friends and/or classmates work hard to preserve our beautiful parks.  Community members/groups and neighborhood associations are now more comfortable adopting parks, knowing that PLAY will be there to help guide them through a park maintenance event.

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