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The Natomas Farmers Market is back for 2022!

Every Saturday, we will provide farm-fresh food from local farmers, food vendors and a little live music!

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All fresh and processed agricultural products sold at our market must be grown by the farmer that is selling them. All farmers must have confirmed reservations before attending The Natomas Farmers Market.

We do not have space or a vendor section for gardeners, commercial wares or services, literature, arts, crafts, cosmetics, vitamins, candles, compost, fertilizers, coffee beans, and similar types of products. Our limited exceptions for bakeries, soaps, and prepared foods are full.

We do not have space for information booths, fundraising, surveys, sampling or literature distribution by commercial organizations or by nonprofit service groups.

farmer's market vendor applications are closed for the season

Sell Your Farm's Products

Farmers may apply to the Natomas Farmers Market with their agricultural products (fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts, honey, flowers) and their non-certifiable agricultural products (meats, poultry, eggs, oil, jams, nut butters, wine, dairy products, aqua-culture). All products must be grown in California.

Step 1: Get certified. To sell certifiable agricultural products, farmers must be certified by the California Department of Food and Agriculture in the county where their products are grown or raised, and must have a current Certified Producers Certificate.

Application here:

Step 2: Apply to sell at the Natomas Farmers Market. 

Once you are approved to sell at the market, we will notify you by email.

Booth fee: $20

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Sell Non-Agricultural Food Products

Processed food
Processed foods sold at the Natomas Farmers Market include ready-to-eat foods prepared off-site, made using ingredients produced by our farmers whenever possible. Examples include tamales, soup, pies and breads.

Prepared food
Prepared foods are made on-site. All new prepared-food vendors must use farm-fresh ingredients, sourced from our farmers whenever possible.

Once you are approved to sell at the market, we will send you a registration form.

Booth fee: $20

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Apply to Play Music

The 2022 season is booked.

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