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City of Sacramento set to award $1 million of funding to Women & Children experiencing Homelessness

The City of Sacramento will award a total of $1 million to Saint John’s Program for Real Change and City of Refuge this evening at the City Council Meeting. Mayor Pro Tem Angelique Ashby championed this effort in her fight for funding to assist women and children experiencing homelessness in Sacramento.

On February 20th Mayor Pro Tem Angelique Ashby hosted a Women’s Roundtable in Oak Park with community, non-profit, and governmental organizations that work with our unhoused populations daily. Community partners shared common challenges specifically faced by women and children experiencing homelessness. Mayor Pro Tem Ashby used that information to develop an outcomes document prioritizing their top ten gaps in service.

The outcomes document generated by the roundtable event served as a backdrop for the City of Sacramento’s Homeless Services Division in producing the request for proposals $1 million that will be allocated tonight. It is important to note that women and families experiencing homelessness are under reported in the Sacramento 2019 point-in-time count.

As we move forward working with unhoused individuals it is critical to think broadly of varying populations and individualized strategies to address homelessness. A continuum of support and services, provided by a network of government, charitable organizations, schools, faith communities and non-profit agencies, is necessary to effectively service our most vulnerable population: Women & Children.

Mayor Pro Tem Angelique Ashby looks forward to hearing about success stories from City of Refuge and Saint John’s Program for Real Change’s in the months to come and wishes to thank her colleagues on the council for supporting this effort to provide $1 million dollars for women and children currently experiencing homelessness.

For the full outcomes document:


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This is great news and I hope that not only the city of Sacramento does this and that more cities do this work to support homeless women and children. Meaningful work a wordle like this needs to be replicated in many other cities in our country.

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