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Vice Mayor Ashby called for an amendment to the critical infrastructure ordinance


Media contact:

Karina Talamantes, Chief of Staff, Office of Vice Mayor Angelique Ashby | (916) 808-8001

Vice Mayor Ashby called for an amendment to the critical infrastructure ordinance to include a 500-foot buffer around all Sacramento area schools and daycare centers Sacramento, Calif. (September 27th, 2022) – Today Vice Mayor Ashby called for an amendment to the critical infrastructure ordinance prohibiting unsanctioned homeless encampments near Sacramento area schools, and daycare centers.

“We need to support our students, as well as their parents, teachers, and administrators so that schools are safe places to learn, free of fear. They have been through so much already, from a pandemic to the national school gun violence epidemic. Every level of government has a role to play, this ordinance is something the City of Sacramento can do right now to better protect our kids.” said Vice Mayor Ashby.

Stephanie Crowe, a Sacramento mother of three, who joined the press conference and shared her regular experience walking her two youngest children to school each day said, “We need to draw a line in the sand. We have voted on policies that have gotten us here, now is the time to step up for our kids. Our students can’t be collateral damage”

Councilmember Jeff Harris also joined community leaders and the Vice Mayor at today’s press conference, stating, “We must strike a balance between providing resources and housing for homeless individuals and keeping our communities safe, especially our schools.”

The specific ask of Vice Mayor Ashby is that the City’s existing critical infrastructure ordinance be amended to include a 500-foot buffer around schools and daycare centers citywide, preventing unsanctioned encampments from being near Sacramento schools. The ordinance is currently implemented by the Department of Community Response, Office of Emergency Management, and our Sacramento Police Department. The existing ordinance already includes Universities, childcare centers, hospitals, and rehabilitation facilities, amongst other high priority infrastructure.

Vice Mayor Ashby and Councilmember Harris were joined by parents and community leaders from across the city in asking the City of Sacramento’s City Manager and City Attorney to bring forward this item on October 11th for a vote of the full City Council.




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hana Jenny
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