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Mayor Pro Tem Ashby to host event focused on nationally recognized ‘Women in the Workplace’ report

Sacramento, Calif (Nov. 5, 2019)

Mayor Pro Tem Ashby and the City of Sacramento on Nov. 6 will host an event called “Women in the Workplace: Gender Equity, Diversity & Inclusion,” sponsored by Kaiser Permanente.

The event will be held at Sacramento City Hall (915 I St.) and feature representatives from management consulting firm, McKinsey & Company, who will discuss their latest report on gender inequity in the workplace.

In its fifth year, the report called “Women in the Workplace,” analyzes data from nearly 600 companies and a quarter million survey respondents. It is nationally recognized as the premier compilation of data sets addressing women’s experiences in the workplace.

“Many companies need to do more to put their commitment into practice and treat gender diversity like the business priority it is,” said the report. “This starts with taking concrete actions like setting diversity targets and sharing diversity metrics—not just at senior levels, but with all employees.”

For the first time, this year’s report includes data collected from public sector employers. The City of Sacramento is now a participant agency of the Women in the Workplace report for 2019.

The City of Sacramento’s relationship with McKinsey & Company began in 2017 when Mayor Pro Tem Ashby hosted a special session at City Hall with experts from McKinsey & Company.

Mayor Pro Tem Ashby worked closely with the City Auditor in 2015 to develop Sacramento’s first gender report card. Since then the City of Sacramento has hired a Diversity & Equity Manager, created an annual “Ethnicity & Gender Diversity Report,” and provided training for addressing bias in every department.

To attend this special presentation please visit . There are only a few spots left due to limited seating.

To view this presentation remotely please visit the City of Sacramento website to stream online:

Women in the Workplace 2019 report:

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