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Vice Mayor Ashby to launch a Housing Project for Homeless Families in Natomas

Updated: Jan 5, 2022


Media contact:

Karina Talamantes, Chief of Staff, Office of Mayor Pro Tem Angelique Ashby (916) 808-7339 |

Mayor Pro Tem Ashby to launch a Housing Project for Homeless Families in Natomas

SACRAMENTO, CA (August 11th, 2021) Today Mayor Pro Tem Ashby in partnership with the Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency (SHRA) and Jamboree Housing Corporation will announce plans for a homeless housing project.

For over a year, SHRA and Mayor Pro Tem Ashby have had conversations with Jamboree Housing Corporation, an affordable housing developer with 30 years of experience in residential development, about the conversion of a hotel in District 1 that meets all the criteria for Project Homekey funding. Recently, the hotel was secured with a purchase and sale agreement to move forward.

As the only woman on the Sacramento City Council for most of her career, and former low-income single mom, the work of a “functional zero model” where the City of Sacramento prioritizes a “families” first approach to the homelessness crises in Sacramento, is important and personal to Mayor Pro Tem Ashby.

“I am proud of our staff who have been working diligently to find an appropriate hotel in District 1 for the past year – we never lost focus on our goal of providing families with safe and secure housing. This is the type of service rich project we need across the City of Sacramento,” stated Mayor Pro Tem Ashby.

SHRA and Jamboree Housing Corporation will be working closely with the school district to ensure students receive a quality education and that the cycle of homelessness is broken for children. This project will be service rich to accommodate families with resident services staff.

“Through the leadership and support of Mayor Pro Tem Ashby and the City Council, the success of this first HomeKey project in District 1 exemplifies the critical importance of public-nonprofit partnerships and resources,” said SHRA Executive Director La Shelle Dozier. “We’re excited to help bring this homeless housing solution to fruition.”

“Jamboree wants to express gratitude for having the opportunity to work with the Mayor and the Councilmember to address the pressing issue of homelessness and provide a piece of the solution,” said

Jeree Glasser, Vice President, Northern California, for Jamboree Housing Corporation.

Media details are listed below:

Where: City of Sacramento, 915 I Street Sacramento, CA (1st floor – Indoors in the Atrium)

When: Wednesday, August 11th

Time: 3:30pm



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